Words Unscrambling: List Of 5 Letter Word With S T E A & Meanings

5 letter word with s t e a

It’s a word game you can play with your friends or even foes! Scramble the letters of the words listed below to create new words that make sense. T is for Tower, and then, don’t forget to race up the stairs! This blog post will be about 5-letter words with S, T,  E, and A which come from the Scrabble game, but can also be used in real life. If you have ever played Scrabble then you know how fun it is to play with friends and family. The challenge is to find words that will fit into the grid without using too many tiles.


Meaning: A thing that has value or worth. A source of riches or value.

Example: Income assets, real estate assets, and personal assets.


Meaning: An animal that is dangerous or frightening.

Example: The beast in the cave.


Meaning: To moisten or apply a liquid to food that is cooking, especially meat.

Example: The turkey is ready for basting.


Meaning: To put people in a particular class or group.

Example: The boss will be coming over to talk about the new employees he plans to cast.


Meaning: An elaborate meal.

Example: It was the best Christmas feast I’ve ever had.


Meaning: The smallest of a group in size or number. The least possible amount or quantity. Not the most important part.

Example: I am grateful for your help, but your contribution is the least.


Meaning: To do something or make something happen in a very quick or hurried way. To move quickly and suddenly be in a different place or position.

Example: They hasted themselves away to Italy for a relaxing vacation.


Meaning: A thick, soft material that is made from a mixture of water and flour, or starch, and that is used for sticking paper together.

Example: If you have a lot of scrap pieces of paper lying around the house, then you could use the paste to stick them all together into one piece. It’s cheaper than buying new paper.


Meaning: To cook food in a small amount of oil in a frying pan over high heat.

Example: Sauteing an onion is one of the first things you should learn to do if you want to learn how to cook with basic utensils.


Meaning: To make fun of someone or give them sarcastic remarks that are meant in bad taste, or to insult the person. Tease can also mean mock. The difference between tease and mock is that while tease is spoken and mock is written, they can both mean trick, fool, provoke, or fool around with someone.

Example: The girls were teasing the other kids because they were acting like boys.


Meaning: To move over ice or on a smooth surface on the bottom of shoes that have metal edges attached to the bottom.

Example: She skated best when she was a child.


Meaning: A thin, flat piece of stone, wood, or other hard material used for covering roofs and walls for protection against wind and rain. Roof tiles are often made of slate. A small blackboard used in schools is called a chalkboard because it is usually made of slate.

Example: Slate is the hardest and densest form of rock that can be quarried and used for roofing purposes.


Meaning: A long piece of wood used for holding, supporting, or preventing cracks and splits in a wooden building. It also refers to a length of wood joined together by holes. A split in a wooden beam or pole. To prevent it from cracking or breaking up. (also learn how to use the same word stave as two different plural meanings.)

Example: I worked hard on my pirogue (savvy word) until I was able to build it up with several staves so that the boat would be very strong and stable.


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