A dented artifact collected from the Copied Factory- FFXIV


A dented artifact collected from the Copied Factory-II and brought to my workshop.

It has a dull surface, with no luster or shine whatsoever. It’s so uncool to the eyes, yet it is both robust and polished on its exterior by countless hands over time.

This is the only thing that I obtained from the Copied Factory-II.

In addition, it’s in such a state of disrepair that it’s just as cool as it’s cold exterior.

Up until now, I had seen no reason to give it any special treatment.

However, it has a strong resemblance to the object that I had obtained from the Fulminatum Ruins -II.

By grinding it into dust and sending it out from the factory, I should be able to get a good result.

This is an important first step.

A dented artifact is worth more than a normal polished artifact. In fact, a polished artifact’s value is only 10 times that of a dented artifact. Let’s see how many points we can make in the coming months with this place.

Here some points are discussed about manufactured coin ffxiv

1. A dented artifact is worth more than a normal polished artifact.

The value of a dented artifact would be increased by 10 times as compared to that of the polished artifact, just like how it is mentioned in the article. So, if the value of a polished artiact is fixed at 1000 gil, then that of a dented artifact would be 10,000 gil.

2. The value of an artifact depends on its level.

As the level of the material decreases, its price falls as well. This means that the degree of dented and polished artifacts are different. Artifacts with high level are more costly than those with low level.  

If it’s not satisfied with a certain level, you can try again to gain more gil and then you can buy more materials for making artifacts, just like what is mentioned in the article. Even if it’s boring work, it’s all about earning points. If you want to be better than me in this country, you have to prepare even more than me. The repeated game helps players earn much more points than they could get in one play by playing only once.

3. The more time you spend, the better the artifacts.

You can repeat this process many times to make your artiacts better and better.

If you keep doing it over and over again, then you will end up making a pretty decent artifact. 

To do this, you need an even greater number of materials; that is, an even greater amount of gil. 

Aside from gaining a lot of points through the repeated game, you need to put in even more gil as well. However if compared with increasing your level by doing quests, it would take much more time to increase your level by grinding artifacts.

4. The results can sometimes be unexpected. 

You might just end up wasting your money and time because of the bad results.

The possibility that a dented artifact may produce a better result than a polished one is very low. Just like how it is mentioned in the article, even if there’s a 1% chance of getting a better result, it can still be more than that of getting a worse result. 

But I have to tell you this: don’t get disappointed right away just because you are not satisfied with your result. You might just end up being lucky and get a better product than you had expected to get.

It’s all up to luck. This is not a joke or a trap. It’s just this way.

5. The higher the level of the artifact, the better the results can be.

The level of an artifact is important in making it more valuable than others; therefore, it will be more valuable than other artifacts regardless of whether it’s dented or polished. If you are satisfied with your result, then there’s no problem as long as you have some spare time for a few weeks or so and keep grinding your artifacts to get better and better results.

In order to increase its value, you can grind your artifact again and again until you get the result that you want.

6. It’s expensive to grind artifacts.

If you keep grinding your artifacts for a long time, then it’ll be very expensive when it comes to materials. And if it happens that you fail to get any good result from grinding them, then it means that you failed miserably and wasted your hard work and money on grinding artifacts. The more times an artifact has been ground, the better the results will be after being ground once again.


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