A driver should look seconds ahead for medium-distance potential hazards.


Driving is a task that requires complete concentration. One of the things you must do when driving is to keep your eyes on the road, and not let them wander off for too long. If you drive with your gaze too close or too far ahead, it will be difficult for you to detect any potential hazards on the road.

The length of time that drivers should look at objects in their vision varies from person to person, but experts agree that viewing an object for  seconds is typically enough time before moving onto another one. Some experts recommend looking for objects that are  in front of the vehicle, while others suggest viewing an object no closer than about__ meters ahead.

ford, mustang, car @ Pixabay

It depends on how observant you are and what type of driving situation you’re in as to which recommendation is best suited to your needs. If a driver does not look at all potential hazards before they reach them or if they make sudden movements without first scanning their surroundings, there’s going to be trouble. So it’s always important for drivers to focus on where they want their eyes aimed when making turns, changing lanes or approaching intersections – this will help keep them aware of the possible dangers around them. There are some who believe that one should never take any longer than five seconds.


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