A family is an example of which type of group identified by Charles Horton Cooley?


In his book, “The Social Organization”, Charles Horton Cooley identifies four types of groups: primary groups, secondary groups, publics and institutions. In this blog post we will identify the different types of groups as well as discuss some examples to give you a better understanding. Primary Group: family, friends, colleagues at work Secondary group: a college fraternity or sorority; members of the same trade union Publics and institutions are what Cooley refers to as “associations” in his book.

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They include clubs like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or PTA (Parent Teacher Association). One thing that is unique about publics is that they only have three levels – leaders who govern them from outside the association, those inside the association who make up its membership and outsiders who associate with it externally but do not belong to it. Institutions on the other hand are much more formalized than publics. For example, schools can be seen as an institution because there’s a strict.


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