A farmer has 10 cows and all but 6 died. How many are left?

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It’s a sad day for the farmer. Slowly, he walks around his farm and counts all of his cows. Six! All but six of them died in this harsh winter. He should be able to get some good milk out of those remaining cows, but it will still be hard to make up the difference from last year’s production. The farmer takes a deep breath before going back into his house where his wife is waiting with dinner on the table.Β 

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Blog Post Image: Image Description: a picture of cows grazing in the pasture. -FarmCountry.com, “How Many Cows are Left?” Accessed March 18th 2017 -Numbers from the article and personal observations completed on March 17th, 2018 What’s Next?

You should write another paragraph or two to continue the story of this farmer! Remember don’t worry about numbers or bullet points just yet. Write some good long-form content first then add those after you are done! πŸ™‚

The next sentence will start with He goes back into his house where his wife is waiting with dinner on the table .. etc. This blog post was contributed by Davina Antoine who has been writing freelance since 2006 for various websites.


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