A father who wants to be both a friend and a role model to his son might experience role strain


Fathers are often asked to be role models and friends for their children. It can sometimes be difficult to balance the two roles, but it is also an important aspect of being a father. The following article will discuss how fathers can balance these two roles in order to lead healthier lives themselves and provide better lives for their children.

It is a lot to balance, but being present in both roles will provide the father with some of his own happiness and give up the support he needs as well.

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There are many ways for fathers to be involved in their children’s lives without overwhelming themselves or their kids by spending time away from work and activities they enjoy.

The first step is just getting into the habit of engaging in daily conversations about topics that interest them both such as schoolwork, current events, sports teams and hobbies. It may seem like an easy thing to do but it can make all the difference when relationships get rocky because these discussions show that you care about your child on more than just a surface level while maintaining your individual interests too. 


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