a firm’s marketing philosophy determines how strategic marketing activities are used to achieve,


Strategic marketing activities are used to achieve marketing objectives. These activities can be grouped into four categories: tactical, integrated, customer-centric, and sustainable.

The type of activity a firm chooses is largely driven by its marketing philosophy. A firm’s marketing philosophy determines how it uses these strategic marketing activities to achieve its goals.

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A firm’s marketing philosophy typically falls under one of the following four categories: tactical (focus on short-term success), integrated (longer term focus with an emphasis on creating value for customers and society), customer centric (focus on customers’ needs), or sustainable (focusing on meeting environmental challenges).

How each category approaches strategic market activities varies greatly; however they all share the same goal – achieving marketing objectives. A firm with a tactical marketing philosophy is focused on achieving short-term success, and will use tactics to do so. A good example of this type of strategy would be an advertising campaign designed around a particular product or event that has been timed for the holiday season; it’s important to remember though that these types of activities are not sustainable over time.

Firms with integrated philosophies have longer term focus and create value for customers and society as well as shareholders by using strategic marketing activities in an all encompassing way – they take into account many aspects including the company’s products, employees, suppliers, partners etc., Instead of focusing solely on one specific tactic like tactical thinking does. Customer centric firms place their customer at the


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