A firm’s primary interest when it hires an additional worker is?


In a recent study, it was found that the primary interest of companies when they hire an additional worker is to increase productivity.

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This means that they are looking for someone who can complete more work than their current employees do so that the company can save resources and costs.

This is a paragraph. This is also a paragraph. The company wants to make sure that the new employee will be able to do at least as much work as their current employees, and ideally more in order for them to increase profits; they want the worker to produce an incremental effect on productivity rather than just doing simple tasks left over from one of their existing staff members who may have recently retired or been promoted elsewhere.

With this goal set out for any potential candidate, it becomes important to identify traits that show someone can achieve this desired outcome so that employers don’t waste resources by hiring someone who doesn’t match up with what they need in terms of skillsets and experience levels. 


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