A firm’s strategic position is likely to be strong when?


A strategic plan is a map for the future. It helps you take an objective view of your company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to guide decisions about where it should focus its resources to grow in the future.

A good strategic plan will also identify ways to operate more efficiently and effectively, making better use of limited resources. When I had to save my own business, the first thing I did was write a strategic plan.

It helped me create an organized roadmap of where we wanted to be in five years and what steps needed to take place along the way. The plan also identified how long it would take us for each step so that our goals were achievable instead of unrealistic.

Competitive Advantage

” The key is identifying your company’s competitive advantage – what do you do better than anyone else? Then figure out how best to execute this strategy into actionable tactics so that every day brings value toward achieving your goals. This gives direction not just at work but in other areas like personal life too- knowing why you’re working hard can help with all aspects of life!

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