a food that should be omitted from the diet of a patient with peptic ulcer disease is,


A peptic ulcer is a type of stomach ulcer. The stomach lining becomes inflamed and the protective mucosal layer breaks down, causing pain in the upper abdomen. A person with this condition may experience heartburn, vomiting, or have difficulty swallowing food. It is important to note that there are foods that should be omitted from a diet for someone who has peptic ulcer disease (PUD). A PUD patient can eat most types of food as long as they avoid those on the list below: 1) spicy foods 2) fatty and fried foods 3) acidic drinks such as coffee and orange juice 4) alcohol The above list of foods are not recommended for a PUD patient because they will aggravate their condition. The best types of food to consume if you have PUD is bland, low-fat and easy on the stomach. These include:  soft boiled eggs;  plain rice or pasta dishes with white sauce;  salads without onions, garlic, pickles or vinegar dressing; etc. Much like other illnesses such as diabetes and celiac disease, those who suffer from ulcers need to be careful about what they eat in order to prevent further complications that may arise in the future. A balanced diet is essential for all individuals no matter which illness one has but it becomes even more important for those suffering from


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