a former warden who had a strange,


In 1884, there was a prison in the state of New York. It had been built not long ago and it was still new to everyone who worked there. I’m John Smith, one of the wardens at this prison. One day, we received word that some prisoners were on their way up from Georgia – but they never arrived! What transpired is an unbelievable tale that no one will ever believe! When the train pulled into our station with nothing more than a black boxcar (the kind used for transporting livestock), it caused quite a commotion. The mayor came himself to see what all the fuss was about, which made me feel really uncomfortable because he’s such an important man and I didn’t know how much he already knew. But when people started getting closer to the car, they vanished – right in front of us! It was like some sort of magic trick or something but there were no tricks here: only this new mystery that everyone wanted resolved immediately. We opened up the crate and inside we found.. another prisoner? He had been beaten so badly that his skull looked shattered on one side; you could


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