a friend is someone who,


A friend is someone who, when you have a problem, helps you to see the goodness in it. A friend is someone who, after years of not talking to each other because one person was angry with the other for whatever reason, can pick up right where they left off as if no time has passed at all. A friend is someone who remembers your birthday and sends you a card every single year even though it’s been like six or seven years since they last saw you face-to-face. A friend is someone who, even though it’s been years since they last talked to you because of the distance and time that passes between them too quickly for them to keep up with your life, still remembers all those little details about you from when they cared enough about you. A friend is someone who can tell you a story on how their day went without making any plans in advance just so they could talk to somebody else willing to listen. A friend is someone who doesn’t cancel plans at the slightest inconvenience or excuse themselves out of events because something better comes along instead. A good friend will always be there for me no matter what happens, through thick and thin until one of us dies.” The warmth of friendship cannot be explained adequately


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