a girl should be two things who and what she wants,


A girl should be two things who and what she wants. I am a girl, and I want to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor because I love science. In college, my favorite class was organic chemistry and I performed well in it even though the professor said there is no way girls will ever do well in that course. Which just proves how wrong he was! I also like being challenged: when things get difficult or complicated, they interest me more than if everything were easy all of the time. So learning about new treatments for Ebola at oncology conference last year really captured my imagination and made me excited about what might come next. And one day maybe – helping cure cancer? That’s always been a dream of mine too after growing up with parents who had breast cancer (both are now thankfully healthy). Asking myself what I want has been really empowering. It made me realize that any girl who wants to be a doctor – can! I am lucky enough to have parents who support my dream even though it is unusual for girls in the family not to follow tradition and become teachers or nurses instead (they are so proud of their daughter, Dr. Melinda!). Why do you think being two things at once makes us happy? It’s because we get all sorts of opportunities open up: sometimes one thing beckons more than the other but they’re both always there together which gives us many choices about how we spend our time and energy and attention. And isn’t that what life should be like? Broadening one experience into another opportunity rather than narrowing


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