a good compromise is when both parties are dissatisfied,


The first thing to remember about prospecting is that it’s all about finding a good compromise. Prospects are often unhappy with the sales process in one way or another, and as a result, they’re not doing business with you. The best solution for this is to find out what their objections are and address them head on. Once you’ve done this, try presenting your product again from a different perspective – one that will appeal more to the prospect’s needs – and see if there has been any improvement in their mood. One of the most common objections that prospects have is a concern over price. This can be addressed by discussing how your product will save them money in the long-term, or giving them an estimate on what their return on investment would be after they’ve purchased one. It’s important to keep these ideas transparent and use simple terms so you don’t overload the prospect with information – this could result in feelings of frustration and confusion for both parties. If there are no objections at all, go ahead and close a deal! If not, try brainstorming some possible solutions together; it’ll help get things moving again if nothing else does. Prospects often find themselves dissatisfied because salespeople haven’t answered enough questions upfront about prices or features before


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