a government might enact expansionary spending when it is trying to,


Expansionary fiscal policy is a government’s deliberate effort to temporarily boost the economy by increasing spending. Expansionary fiscal policy can be enacted when an economy needs more jobs and growth in order to recover from a recession or other economic slowdown. The theory behind expansionary fiscal policy is that if the government spends more money, this will encourage consumers to spend too, which will stimulate economic activity and create new jobs. This blog post talks about what expansionary fiscal policies are, how they work, and why governments might enact them. If you need to write some long-form content, I recommend using a word processing app like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. They both have features that make it easier than copy/pasting from the internet. Google Docs is free and has many great features for working on documents with others. You can access your document anywhere by signing into Gmail, so if you’re in a meeting at work but want to keep editing, just pull up the doc online! If two people are editing the same document simultaneously (say one person at home before going into their office) they’ll see each other’s changes as soon as they happen – no more emailing back and forth endlessly trying to figure out what needs updating! There are


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