a green plant can carry out photosynthesis if given nothing more than:,


Many people are drawn to gardening for the simple joy of growing flowers and plants, or just because it is a relaxing hobby. This blog post will give you some ideas about what plants are best suited for a flower garden. If you have been looking into starting a flower garden but don’t know where to start, this article is sure to help! Herbaceous plants: these are low maintenance flowers that bloom, die back to the ground in winter and then grow again with new leaves. They have a natural cycle of life which is what makes them great for beginners who just want to get their feet wet! Ferns make an excellent herbaceous plant because they like shady places. Ferns can also be propagated by division or spores from on old fern frond so you don’t need to purchase any seeds at all! Perennial flowering bulbs such as daffodils make another good choice for anyone looking into starting a flower garden. These will provide color even when it gets cold outside and are relatively easy to maintain too! And if things do take


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