a mass of rock formed when a large body of magma cools inside the crust is called a,


Amphitheaters and volcanoes are both interesting words that you may not have heard of before. But what is the difference between an amphitheater and a volcano? Well, in this blog post, I will explain everything there is to know about these two geological formations. You’ll learn how they’re different from each other and why one word has an ‘a’ at the end of it while the other has an ‘e’. The first word is amphitheater. An amphitheater, also known as an ampitheatre or a coliseum, is a circular structure that contains rows of seats for spectators and can be covered to protect the audience from sun in certain climates. Often built into hillsides so the people sitting at the top would have better views than those below them. It’s often used in place of seating boxes during theatrical performances like plays and operas because they allow more space between each seat while keeping everyone close enough together where they can see what’s going on onstage. Volcanoes are created when hot molten rock called magma rises up through cracks in Earth’s surface and out through openings such as fissures or cr


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