A Mission Concerns What to do to Achieve Short-Term Objectives

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A mission statement gives your company an identity. It encompasses the company’s values, history, and future ambitions. 

Mission statements are foundational to any business; using one will not only help you to create a sense of identity but also provide guidance for decision-making in the future. Lot of sites are offering discussions on the importance of the mission statement for your business that you can visit anytime.

The answer is discussed here that a company’s mission statement typically addresses which of the following questions?

Here at Rolling Stone Printing, we embrace our core values of Honesty, Trustworthiness and Integrity by providing our customers with efficient service while maintaining their confidentiality.

1. Our Mission:

Rolling Stone Printing provides customers with high quality printing services that enables them to reach their short-term objectives. We provide detailed and accurate orders for our clients, who then receive the highest quality products. 

We are proud of the company, its employees and its history. Furthermore, all employees at Rolling Stone Printing are committed to fostering an environment that promotes an open exchange of ideas between employees, vendors and customers.

2. Vision:

Rolling Stone Printing strives to be the best printer in our industry; we will do this by forging trustful relationships with our clients so we can achieve a mutual goal of providing premier services.

3. Strategy:

Rolling Stone Printing will accomplish our Mission and Vision by fostering collaborative relationships with our clients and providing them with elegance, style, and professionalism in all that we do. 

We aim to achieve our Vision by providing the following strategies:

Foster trustful relationships with our clients through effective communication.

This can be achieved by establishing open lines of communication between the client and staffing department so there is a clear understanding of the requirements of the client’s project. 

This can also be achieved by educating both employees, vendors and customers on this open exchange of ideas so everyone benefits from the discussion that ensues.

Eliminating the chance of arguments over pricing or delivery dates by providing prices and delivery dates on each job so there is no misunderstanding regarding costs.

4. Policies:

Rolling Stone Printing will provide quality products because we believe a customer deserves nothing less. 

We will do this by printing jobs in a timely manner as it is important to please our customers and keep them coming back. Rolling Stone Printing will also accommodate every need of our customer’s job.

We will maintain moral integrity by providing quality products to all of our clients in order for them to reach their short-term objectives. Instead of focusing on the dollar values and dates, we aim to focus on what the client wants and needs most from us. 

Rolling Stone Printing will also provide our employees with an open exchange of ideas and listening to their concerns so everyone feels like they are part of the company.

5. Goals:

The first step toward reaching our goal is to recognize the importance of cooperation among all of our employees and vendors. 

We must strive to work together as a team, not only from one department to another but from all employees to vendors. We will beat this goal by educating all employees on communication that develops open lines of communication with each other and clients. 

This can be accomplished by establishing 1:1 mentoring programs for every employee so they are more comfortable with speaking with their supervisors regarding any concerns or ideas that come out of the open line of communication, thereby being more capable of solving issues as they arise.

6. Objectives:

The first objective is to maintain moral integrity by providing quality products to all of our clients. We will also maintain this integrity by listening to our employees’ concerns so everyone is heard at Rolling Stone Printing. 

This can be achieved by learning how to communicate effectively as a team and eliminating obsolete communication barriers within the company. 

This can be accomplished through open exchanges of ideas on an individual basis, small group meetings, 1:1 mentoring programs, and training seminars that focus on effective communication.

7. Method:

We will accomplish this task by listening to the needs of our customers and employees. Once we have listened to the needs of each other, we will be able to provide them with the best product and service possible. 

Rolling Stone Printing is committed to providing the best possible service; therefore, we are always striving for greatness in all aspects of our business.

The first in a series of blogs describing different ways organizations and their constituents might work together towards a common goal. This blog introduces how to plan for short-term objectives while balancing long-term objectives. 


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