A report focused on recommendations.


The benefits of a recommendation are not lost on marketers. The power of the word-of-mouth is undeniable; and when you have a good product, it’s natural to want more people to know about it. Recommendations can be done in many different ways, but one thing is for sure  they’re effective when done right! This guide will teach you how to create recommendations that work, so read on.

Build up a following of people who enjoy your product. They’ll be more inclined to recommend you when they know that their friends will like what they’re recommending, and vice versa. You can start by sending out free samples to potential customers or hosting contests for giveaways. The key is keeping in touch with them as often as possible so that the relationship stays strong.

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Write testimonials from users who are happy with your products – don’t ask them if they have any spare time on their hands because everyone’s busy these days and it might not be worth putting together an email just for one person.. unless someone has been particularly helpful in promoting you or providing feedback on how great your brand is.


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