A representative who is performing the role of an instructed delegate


The role of a delegate is to represent someone else. A delegate can be instructed, or they might do it voluntarily. There are many reasons why someone might want to have an individual act on their behalf. It could be that the person cannot attend the meeting due to time constraints, illness, distance from the event or other conflicts as well as being in another location altogether with no access to video conferencing equipment or internet connection.

The delegate might be an expert in their field and could provide a more informed opinion on the subject at hand. It is also possible that they want to have someone attend who has different perspectives from them, which could lead to better decision-making when considering all options.

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I’m going to run through some of the reasons why people ask others to act as delegates for them: Time constraints – it may not be possible or practical for someone to take time out from work or personal commitments due to logistical issues such as distance between location, lack of transport etc. They will need somebody else present with no conflicts so they can represent them at meetings during specific times; illnesses – if someone cannot get out of bed because they are ill then.


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