A required privilege is not held by the client.


This is a blog post about an error that many people have when installing MySQL. The error message shown is “The required privilege ‘INSERT’ was not granted.” It explains how to fix the issue and what privileges are needed for this service.

The required privilege “INSERT” was not granted. This error happens because the user that is running MySQL does not have the ‘INSERT’ privilege or has it revoked by a root administrator. The solution is to grant this privilege on the server with GRANT INSERT ON *.* TO ‘username’. This will give all of your users access to insert data, but do remember that everytime you revoke a user’s privileges from mySQL command line interface (mcli), they won’t be able to connect unless they are given back their privileges again with REVOKE INSERT FROM username.

If you want more security and only want certain people to be able to use this function then apply an IP whitelist using WITH ADDR.


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