A returner’s magic should be special chapter 13


A returner’s magic should be special. That is the point of this chapter, and the one before it. But what does that mean?

What makes a person’s magic so unique?

And how could they use their power to bring about change in an otherwise stagnant world? It is time for us to find out. I agree with the Returner’s assertion. Their magic should be special, but not in every way.

A returner has a lot of power at their disposal and that is what makes them so unique to this world: it isn’t how powerful they are or even what type of mage attribute they have (though those can help).

book, pages, roses @ Pixabay

It is more about why you want to use your powers and for who?

The answer determines whether or not you wield great power as an individual, or just some kind of cog in someone else’s machine. Some say that everyone deserves equality because we all deserve life, liberty, and happiness without interference from others. If one person doesn’t get these rights then none will either. I disagree with this sentiment.


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