A returner’s magic should be special chapter 58.


In this chapter, the returner’s magic should be special. The protagonist is of course a returner as well. When he was still in the world of the living, he had been an ordinary person who never did anything worth mentioning. Now that he has returned to his original world and become a magician, however, everything has changed.

He has found his true calling and is finally able to live out his days happily with all of his friends from before. This chapter is about the protagonist. He feels that his returner’s magic should be special because he has been reborn as a magician in this world. The protagonist used to live an ordinary life, but now he can pursue his true calling and finally become a happy person with friends from before.

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Is the Returner’s Magic Special? In this chapter, it talks about how the returner’s magic could be special if they have found their true calling. It also says that “the protagonist of course was one too.” When he died and returned to his original world, everything became different for him and people started paying attention to him for being more than just another regular guy-turned magician who had already lived such a fulfilling.


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