A ridge characteristic describes a property found where?


A ridge is a long, narrow elevation with relatively steep sides. It can be either separated from or surrounded by lowlands and the term may refer to a number of different landforms. A ridge characterizes many mountains, but it also occurs in other places such as along coasts. Let’s take a look at where some of these ridges are located! #10: The Great Divide Ridge- Located on the Continental Divide in North America, this is one of the longest mountain ranges in Canada and United States.

It stretches about 2,500 miles across both countries until it reaches Mexico. #9: The Himalayan Mountains- This range contains more than 30 peaks that exceed 8 thousand meters above sea level. These mountains are located in Asia, and they are the tallest mountains on Earth. In a mountain range there can be many different types of ridges: high altitude, low elevation, longitude-latitude etc.

The Great Divide ridge is one of these types with its location making it extremely important for understanding how water flows across North America. These locations also provide ecologists insight into plant life as you ascend higher up the mountain range. This importance has lead to protection efforts by various countries over time which helps maintain rare species within this area such as the bighorn sheep or porcupine! The Himalayan Mountains have been around since about 50 million years ago from when India started pushing against Eurasia through plate tectonics causing them.


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