A rising parcel of air that does not exchange heat with its surroundings is referred to as?


Take a deep breath. That’s right, in and out. Now imagine for a moment that you are sucking all of the moisture out of your lungs as you exhale. You’re not feeling very good, are you?

The air is getting thinner because there is less water vapour to trap the oxygen molecules within it. This is what happens when an object (or person) becomes unsusceptible to heat transfer – it loses its ability to exchange heat with its surroundings and begins to cool off quickly.

geyser, chile, water @ Pixabay

This is an example of a sentence, “In the process of heating up or cooling down, if you can’t lose heat by any other means but convection (the transfer in which heat moves from one place to another because it’s being carried with moving air), then this type of mechanism will cause your body temperature to rise.” You should write numbers and/or bullet points.

Paragraph: Talk about how we use our bodies as thermal dump stations for all sorts of things that have nothing to do with keeping us alive. 


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