A sculpture designed in the round can be viewed from ________?


A sculpture designed in the round can be viewed from all directions. This is a unique and beautiful way to experience art. In this blog post, we are going to explore how these sculptures are created and what they mean for the viewers who come across them. The art of sculpture is an ancient one – __., and humans have been creating sculptures for millennia.

buddha, statue, buddhism @ Pixabay

The earliest known example was a human statue carved from ivory found in the region of Tanis, Egypt with wings outstretched to fly off into eternity. Today, sculptors use materials like clay or stone and metal as well as more modern construction methods such as laser cutting software to create their works with care and precision.

The sculpture has evolved over time but the basic idea remains: artists are using shapes and objects in space to communicate something about themselves or the world around them.

We hope you enjoy this tour through some of our favourite contemporary sculptures! What do you think? Do these sculptures say anything important about humanity today?


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