A segment should be discontinued when the segment?


With margins being squeezed across all industries, it’s imperative that you find ways to reduce your costs. There are many ways to do this and we’re going to share ten of them with you today.

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1) Cut the fat out of your marketing budget – Marketing can be expensive. Don’t spend a fortune on ads when there are cheaper alternatives available like Facebook advertising or Google AdWords for example.

2) Trim the fat from your staff roster – Hiring and firing are never easy but sometimes it has to happen if it will keep your company afloat in these tough economic times. It may be time for some layoffs so think about who needs fewer hours first and then start working down the list until you’ve got a leaner and meaner workforce. 

This blog post covers how marketers can save money by making smarter choices when advertising their products or services. The article starts off with an introduction to the importance of cutting expenses.


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