A sign of intoxication could be a guest who is buying rounds of drinks for strangers


Every night, there is a bar in every town with people who are intoxicated. You may not know how to identify the signs of intoxication, but we will teach you! In this blog post, we will discuss eight different ways that it can be clear that someone has had too much to drink.

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The first sign is stumbling or lack of coordination and balance. If they don’t have their keys when they leave the house after drinking all day then they could be drunk as well. The other things that we will be discussing are slurred speech, confusion, poor memory and judgment as well as mood swings.

We hope this blog post is helpful for you when it comes to identifying signs of intoxication in your friends or loved ones! If they’re too drunk then the first thing that should happen is calling them a cab or giving them coffee if necessary.

If none of those work then the next best option would be driving home with them after making sure their seatbelt’s on tight because there’s nothing worse than an accident from being intoxicated behind the wheel. One more sign of someone who has had too much alcohol is vomiting; which could result in dehydration so make sure they drink lots of water after throwing up to


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