A signpost that enumerates the ideas and points that will be presented in a speech is known as?


A signpost is an important part of a pulpit speech. It helps the speaker to make their presentation more organized and clear, while also helping the audience keep track of what’s being said. The signpost should include things like: title, date, location, introduction (who you are), thesis statement (what you’re going to talk about), support points/facts/opinions for your thesis statement, and conclusion.

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Thesis Statement: A pulpit speech needs a signpost that includes the date, title, thesis statement and support points.

I’m going to talk about this in my next article for __. Conclusion: The main ideas of your pulpit presentation should be outlined at the beginning of your speech so it’s easy to follow what you’re saying during each point. Don’t forget your conclusion at the end!

It is where you summarize all of the information from your speech and leave everyone with an actionable takeaway message.

A good signpost helps people keep track of everything happening in a long-form content piece such as a blog post or essay; use one when writing any kind of long form content like speeches, submissions,


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