A singing style that features a leader who is imitated by a group is called?


The term “imitation” is defined as the act of copying or mimicking somebody else. Imitating someone can be done in a number of ways, such as repeating their words, actions, and mannerisms.

For example, many people imitate celebrities by dressing like them and singing in their style. Have you ever heard the phrase “imitate the leader”? This saying comes from an activity where a group will follow one person’s lead by imitating that person’s movements to create cohesion within the group.

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The type of imitation that we are going to focus on is called call-and-response imitation – a singing style that features a leader who is imitated by a group! This type of imitation is also sometimes called “capping” or “backing up”.

Some people who are familiar with this style might say that the leader will become a “capo”, which translates from Italian as ‘head’. The group will then follow their lead by repeating what they do.

For example, if the capo shouts out lyrics to a song and starts singing them loudly in an excited manner, others may echo those words back after the capo has finished reciting each line.

There are many advantages associated with call-and-response imitation for both singers and listeners alike! One major advantage is that it creates cohesion within groups because everyone sings together instead of just one individual on his or her own –


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