according to this article, why does “the fate of the aliens [remain] up in the air”?,


What is the fate of the aliens? This question has been pondered by many, and it seems to be one that will never have a definitive answer. Most people cannot even agree on whether or not they exist at all. However, there are some who believe that if they are here then their role in our continued survival remains up in the air.  one of these people is a professor at the University of Bristol, who has conducted research into “alien life” and believes that they only exist to help us. He states that if aliens are watching over our planet then we have nothing to worry about in regards to their eventual arrival. Some believe there must be an intelligent being or beings governing human affairs for them all to make sense. If this is true then it would follow that extra-terrestrials may also want what’s best for humanity and not just themselves; therefore, helping us instead of conquering us. Dr. John Ball from Oxford says he doesn’t think alien invasion will happen because humans don’t pose any threat whatsoever and they haven’t made contact with Earth yet


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