according to this graph, how does supply behave in the long run?,


The supply of a good will always rise to meet demand. This is because the price of goods increase as more are made, and this makes people want to buy less. The higher prices also encourage businesses to make more products in order to recoup their costs and turn a profit. In the short run, supply depends on how much of a good is available and its price. For example, if there are an abundance of oranges at low prices during wintertime, they will not be in high demand because it’s cold outside so people don’t want to eat many fresh fruits. There will thus be less supply than usual until spring when the weather starts getting warmer again. A producer may also decide to increase or decrease production based on changes in cost: for instance, if labor costs rise due to stricter regulations about safety standards then businesses might cut back their staffing levels and make fewer products fewer goods would then be available which increases the price per unit (which means higher profits). If raw materials become more expensive


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