All About Celine Song’s New Romantic Drama Movie “Past Lives”

Past Lives

It is an upcoming highly anticipated romantic drama film directed by Celine Song.


  • The film stars Greta Lee, Tio Yu, John Magaro, Ji Hye Yoon, Choi Won-young, Min Young Ahn, Jonica T., and Kristen Sieh.
  • The story revolves around two childhood friends who reconnect and reflect on their lives and relationships after being separated for two decades.
  • A24, Killer Films, and CJ E&M were involved in the production and distribution of the film.

The upcoming film “Past Lives” is a 2023 romantic drama, which marks the directorial debut of Celine Song. The film stars Greta Lee, Tio Yu, and John Magaro, and follows two childhood friends who reconnect and reflect on their lives and relationships. The romantic drama film is all set to enthrall the audience and keep them glued to their seats. In this article, we will explore various aspects of the film, including its plot, cast, and release date.

Here Is The  Cast & Characters Of This Romantic Film

The film has an impressive cast of actors who bring their romantic drama film prowess. Here is a list of the main cast and the characters they play:

  • Greta Lee as Nora
  • Teo Yoo as Hae Sung
  • John Magaro as Arthur
  • Ji Hye Yoon as Nora’s mom
  • Choi Won-young as Nora’s dad
  • Min Young Ahn as Hae Sung’s mom
  • Jonica T. Gibbs as Janice
  • Emily Cass McDonnell as Rachel
  • Federico Rodriguez as Robert
  • Conrad Schott as Peter
  • Kristen Sieh as Heather

When & Where Will This Drama Movie be Release?

The film made its world debut on 21 January at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and was later screened at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival on 19 February of the same year. The film’s release is currently scheduled for June 2, 2023.

What Is The Production Of This Romantic-Drama  Film

This upcoming American romantic drama film was written and directed by Celine Song and was announced in January 2020 with Choi Woo-Shik to star and Celine Song directing from her own screenplay. A24, Killer Films, and CJ ENM were involved in the production and distribution of the film. In August 2021, the cast of the project welcomed new members including Greta Lee, Tio Yu, and John Magaro. Among them, you took on the character of Woo-Shik.

Can I Get A Trailer For This Movie??

The official trailer of this upcoming romantic drama film has been released, fans are loving this romantic trailer, give us the trailer link of this drama film, you also enjoy the trailer of this romantic drama film

What Could Be The Plot?

In the story of this coming-of-age romantic drama film Nora and Hee Sung, childhood friends with a strong bond, are separated when Nora’s family emigrates from South Korea. Two decades later, they reunite for a pivotal week, during which they confront ideas of love and destiny.

What Do Fans Expect From This Romance Movie?

With a talented cast and a unique storyline, this romantic drama film is expected to enthrall the audience and expectations are high seeing the talent of this romantic drama film in front of the camera. The film is expected to be a drama love story that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.


Past Lives is an upcoming romantic drama romance film that promises to be a journey through time. With a talented cast, a unique story, and a talented director, this film is sure to be a hit to the audience. And this drama romantic film will keep the fans glued to their seats with its love story releasing on 2nd June 2023


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