all the lights in the sky are stars,


I wish I was a star . . . . . . so that everyone could see me shining brightly in the sky every night. I would be so happy with my light and bright self, looking down on all of you below, smiling at your happiness as you look up to the heavens and know that there is something bigger than us all out there somewhere. If only I were a star then it would not matter where I am or what time it is because no matter where you are, if you look up into the sky at night—you can see me! This is a blog post about wishing I was a star, so that everybody could see me wherever they are. I wish I was a star because then it wouldn’t matter where you were or what time it was; if you looked up at night in the sky and found out there’s more than just us all down here on earth, looking for happiness. If only I had been born as one of those lights—everyone would be able to find me shining brightly in the sky every night. And even better? No matter how dark things might seem now: You can always look up into the stars’ light and know someone, somewhere wants to make your life happy again! All they need is for somebody else like them who loves


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