all the processes that form mountain ranges are known as,


Mountain ranges are formed by a process called orogeny. This is when two tectonic plates collide, and one of the plates is uplifted to form mountain ranges. There are several other processes that can also be responsible for forming mountains. These include: The earth’s crustal plate movements Erosion Volcanism Glaciation All of these processes can be responsible for mountain formation. Orogeny is the process that forms most mountains, and it happens when two tectonic plates collide with one plate being uplifted to form a ridge or range. There are many other ways that mountains can form including: erosion, volcanism, glacial deposits, etc. Orogeny is also regarded as the main cause because it’s what produces all ranges in earth’s crustal structure. The earth’s crustal plate movements occur constantly on an active surface where there are new magma arrivals from deep inside the Earth every year. The movement often occurs over thousands of years before stopping for periods lasting tens of millions of years at a time (eons


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