all they will call you,


You are a ghost. A specter in the night. You haunt your victims lives, stealing their memories and happiness for yourself until they can’t take it anymore and they kill themselves. But what if you were just misunderstood? What if you had something to offer them that was so much more than death? All You’ll Call Me is an exploration of guilt, depression, suicide, and mental health through the eyes of a spirit who has never been given a chance to explain himself before he’s judged by those around him.  It’s not the weight of being alive, but the weight of living that gets to them. They’re tired you see? Tired and hopeless about their future because they are stuck in a place where no one wants them. A world where they can’t find what it is that will make all this pain worthwhile. It’s when they try with everything within themselves to keep going on anyways-to hold onto life for dear life even though there doesn’t seem like any point-that I am able to get through to them. That I can show them something worth keeping fighting for just so long as they don’t give up completely. Something beautiful and painful and matter how much this world tries its damnedest to take it away from


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