all we can do is keep breathing,


I’m going to be honest, the last few days have been hard. You know what I’ve been doing? Breathing. Just breathing and not thinking about anything else for a while because all we can do is keep breathing in the hope that it will clear everything up. If you feel like things have been getting a little crazy lately, I’m with you. But the only thing we can do is keep going and stay focused on what we know to be true about ourselves. We will get through this together! The world needs us now more than ever so let’s take pride in all that our generation has accomplished and continue to make strides forward for generations yet to come. Possible Helpful Links: How to Stay Focused When You Feel Like Giving Up by, How To Build Self-Esteem in Your Teenager by The Huffington Post, Comparing Yourself to Others is the Worst Thing You Can Do for Your Mental Health on EaseUS Homepage – a website that offers tools and solutions related to data storage recovery. The World Needs Us Now More Than Ever So Let’s Take Pride In All That Our Generation Has Accomplished And Continue Making Strides Forward For Generations Yet To Come! from Quora – Answers From Experts Who Know What They’re Talking About™   Landon Jones – A name better than yours or anyone else’s. Just like your signature dish should be


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