all we do is drive,


I was driving down the highway, when I noticed that all I could hear was a constant stream of cars whizzing by and the sound of my own tires on asphalt. It felt like being in one continuous tunnel with no end in sight. The scenery outside my window seemed to blur into an indistinguishable mass as we sped forward at 80 miles per hour. Suddenly, something caught my eye – there were cows! There were cows out grazing in silence alongside the road, calmly going about their day without a care for how fast or slow we humans are moving through time and space. We call this “driving,” but really it’s just seeing what is right next to you at any given moment while trying to stay on course. As I looked out the window, my world opened up. There’s not just one thing happening on any given day – there are always many different things in motion at once. It is a great reminder to be present wherever you are and whatever you’re doing: it can make for a better life filled with more awareness and appreciation of all that surrounds us every day.” Long-form Content: “While driving down the road today, I noticed how disconnected I was from what was going on outside my car windows. All I could hear were cars whizzing by me while enveloped in silence inside my vehicle as if we were living together in an unending tunnel. Suddenly, something caught my eye–cows! They


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