Best broadband providers in India for better internet speed

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As per data available from 2019, the internet penetration in India is about 41% or more. India has witnessed several internet providers arriving on the scene in the past two decades. Service providers offer a range of data benefits that ensure their end-users remain loyal. Broadband connections offer powerful data transmission enabling the fastest and top-quality internet connection. Basically, broadband connections are of two types – mobile broadband and fixed-line connection.

What advantages does broadband connection offer?

  1. A reliable connection is one of the best advantages of a broadband connection. In most cases, issues with outages are minimal when using broadband as compared to dial-up connections.
  2. The performance of broadband is its major advantage. The speed is one of the topmost, especially compared to a dial-up connection. Broadband’s speed is about a hundred times faster, which appeals to subscribers as they can download videos, music, etc., in no time. 
  3. Not just reliable, the connection is consistent too; even when the weather is bad outside, broadband connections will work fine.
  4. Also, the line can be used for voice calls, and it will not cause any issue to the data line. 
  5. Another big pro in favor of broadband is that the connection is available round-the-clock. Generally, users are not required to enter or re-enter their username and password every time they wish to use the connection.

India has a fair number of broadband providers today. Here we will rank the top few best broadband providers in the country with a proven track record for offering reliable internet speed.

India’s top broadband service providers

  1. Airtel- Airtel offers impressive data plans for users. Within the economical range, there are two plans – 
  • Rs. 899 plan that has an internet speed of about 40 MBPS. The Fair Usage Policy applies to this plan in which the user gets data usage of 150 GB for use every month. The company offers no additional data as a bonus. 
  • Rs 1099 is another popular plan in which the speed on the internet is about 100 MBPS, and the data included in the plan is 250GB. Airtel offers an extra 1,000 GB of internet data as Bonus Data. Besides this, users get other freebies like data rollover services.

One of the best parts is that paying Airtel Broadband Bill Payment is not a headache as it can be with many other service providers. It is easy to use a payment app downloaded on your smartphone to pay the bill in minutes. 

  1. MTNL- This is a government-owned broadband provider. The company has many plans, but one of the most popular is the Freedom ULD-999 plan. The key feature of the plan includes a fast speed of 8 MBPS for the first 100 GB of data every month. However, after this, the speed goes down phenomenally. The plan also offers MTNL users free unlimited calls to Delhi and Mumbai.
  1. Spectra- This is another leading broadband service provider in the country. The economical package from Spectra is its Rs. 899 plan with Fair Usage Policy of 150 GB data. The other plan is the Rs. 1246 data plan with unlimited data and no cap on usage limit. The speed is 1Gbps. The only disadvantage of Spectra is that there is a huge installation charge of Rs. 1000 coupled with a security deposit of Rs. 2,000.
  1. BSNL- This is another state-owned broadband service provider in India. The popular data plan choices are:
  • BBO ULD 949 for Rs. 949. The data offered is up to 30 GB with a speed of 10 MBPS. After 30 GB consumption, the speed decreases to 2 MBPS. 
  • BBG Combo ULD 950 ASOM plan is for Rs. 950. The plan includes data of 20 GB at a speed of 10 MBPS which reduces to 2 MBPS after the consumption of 20 GB. This plan comes with a combo of landline connections.

Paying for broadband services is quite simple now. No queuing up at payment offices anymore. All that broadband users need to do is download a payment app, register their mobile number, link their bank account, and get started. Using a reliable app helps save time and money, adding categorically to your convenience and user experience.


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