Conan Exiles Leather: How to get thick leather


This is an article for those that want to know how to get the best leather in Conan Exiles. First, we’ll go over what kind of leather can be made and where to find it. 

We’ll also discuss the supplies you will need as well as a recipe for creating your own leather. Finally, we’ll look at what craft skills you will need when crafting this type of high-quality type of leather. So let’s get started!

First and foremost, what types of raw materials are used? There are two main types: vegetable-tanned and chrome-tanned.

Vegetable-tanned leather is obtained from cows, bison, and boars. They are found in Oasis or The Dregs. 

Chrome-tanned leather is obtained from crocodiles, ostriches, and bears. They can be found in The Frozen North or the Black Keep.

You’ll need two different types of tannin in order to craft vegetable-tanned leather: Cassia Tannin and Chestnut Tannin. You must also have Saltpeter to use this type of leather. 

In addition to these materials you will also need Rawhide that is sourced from animals such as those mentioned above.

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1. How to get Thick Conan Exiles Leather

Rawhide can be found on animals such as cattle, sheep and pigs. Cassia Tannin is crafted from Cassia bark, more commonly known as Teak wood, and Chestnut Tannin is crafted with Chestnut bark. 

Saltpeter comes in the form of a Mineral Salt that can be found in two places: The Seaweed deposits located at the Margus Sea/Caspian Bay and In The Black Keep.

To turn these tannin materials into leather, use Saltpeter on either item to turn it into a salt. Just remember not to mix them up. Then you will need a Crock Pot that can be found in Cliffs or Oasis. You can also craft these with three Pots and will require 2 Cassia bark and 1 Chestnut bark.

2. How to make Vegetable-tanned Leather in Conan Exiles

Once you have all of the items, place them into the Crock Pot and select either Cassia Tannin or Chestnut Tannin depending on the type of leather you want to create. Cook it on a Campfire for a short period of time and you can now craft thick vegetable-tanned leather. You can do this ten times before the tannins will break down.

3. How to make Chrome-tanned Leather in Conan Exiles

To create this type of leather, you must have Saltpeter and Raw Hide. Place them into the Crock Pot where you will pick either Saltpeter or Raw Hide depending on which leather you want to create. 

Cook it on a Campfire for a short period of time and then wait until it cools to craft thick chrome-tanned leather. You can do this ten times before the ingredients break down.

Note that the first two items are destroyed when cooking so they will change into special salt items required for crafting later on in the process.

4. Conan Exiles Leather Supply List

As mentioned, you will need a Crock Pot to cook the leather and will require the following materials: 2 Cassia Bark , 1 Chestnut Bark . You’ll also need Saltpeter and Raw Hide.

5. Craft skills needed to make Conan Exiles Leather

To craft vegetable-tanned leather, you will need a level 16 crafting; to craft chrome-tanned leather, you need a level 12 crafting. Be aware that you can increase your crafting skill by using the Crafting Bonus attribute. 

This is an optional attribute although it does make it easier to create products and should be considered for anyone who is serious about building up their character in this game.

6. Conan Exiles Leather Recipe

Once your crafting is complete, you will have a recipe for making leather. This is a very useful recipe and should be considered when building your character. It’s also a good idea to keep this recipe as it will be useful in times of need.

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