Five Doubts You Should Clarify About Google Docs Different Headers


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, nobody knows what Google Docs is doing with their headers. It’s time for you to clear the air and set your mind at ease with this article of five uncertainties you might have been dealing with. Google Docs can do more than just collaborate: As a matter of fact, it’s possible to make various changes such as highlighting text or inserting comments. You can also insert hyperlinks in the different parts of a document so that they will lead to related articles or specific pages on the web. Did you know that? Cool right? With these features at your disposal, there is no question left unanswered about Google Docs different headers. Google docs different headers for each page are not only sufficient, but they are also a way of verifying that the file is genuine and up-to-date.

Google Docs has different headers: When you are working on a Google doc and you decide to insert a header row, it’s not going to look like the traditional Microsoft Word. Instead, they appear as an overlay which looks pretty cool. For some users, Google docs’ different headers were at first quite confusing because they didn’t understand how to elaborate them. Once this issue was out of the way, people started making more use of them.

The option to enable or disable google docs different headers is a function that should be found in all word processing programs, but unfortunately this is not the case with traditional MS Word. This is one of the reasons why people are always confused when they start working on a doc that comes from Google Docs. You should know that this option is not available unless you create a new document. It’s only possible to insert headers the normal way if you are creating something from scratch.

Google docs different headers help you concentrate: The fact that there are different headers within your document means that you can easily divide them into sections. For example, if you need to make a point somewhere in the middle of your article, then it will be easier for people to follow your train of thought because there is an obvious header that separates each part of the article.

A Google Docs different header is not a template: You see the plain meaning of this title. A Google Docs different header is simply a line or two of text, which all Google Docs users will see and read when they open the document. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will use this line of information as a template for other documents, especially if that person has no idea about Google Docs. Again it goes to prove that Google can do more than just your collaboration.

Five Doubts You Should Clarify About Google Docs Different Headers :

1. It’s a confirmation for every page: 

Google docs different headers are not meant to be used as confirmation pages. If you do that, it may lead to your document being scrutinized by a third-party and it will either be opened or closed at your instruction, which is not what you wanted. These headers are meant for the actual page where you have been working thus giving the reader an idea of what is happening in that particular document.

2. It’s a teaser:

Yes, it is indeed a teaser. Google Docs different headers are meant to give the user an idea of what is happening in the document and what information changes every time he/she opens it. It’s not as if you are writing a novel, so use this feature sparingly. Also, make sure that your document does not have any state changes that the user has no control on, such as custom formatting or an action taken by another person on another computer doing something totally different from you, like inserting certain colors or linking certain parts of the documents to other websites.

3. It’s a custom header:

This is something you did not know: Google Docs different headers are not meant to be used as a custom header. If your document’s format changes (either due to custom formatting or because of some other reason), then you can insert the right headers to keep the document in sync with its actual format. Read more here : ‘How to change a specific section of header’ and check this out ‘ How to Use Google Docs Different Headers’ for further clarification on the same.

4. It’s not an issue:

Google Docs different headers are nothing but simple changes that no one needs special knowledge about. You can insert your custom header to make the document look different but in general, Google Docs different headers are meant for the actual author and not for the readers who read it.

5. It’s also a feature:

You may be wondering why you need to use this feature at all? You can just insert your custom header into the document and make it look like you want it to be. But that’s not what this feature was created for. This is just another way with which Google Docs can help you create better and quality documents that will leave a good impression on your readers. Use it well.


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