Fortnite Hill Top with a circle of Trees Location – Land on Polar Peak, a Volcano, and a hilltop with a circle of trees

Large areas of wind power in the mountains

I’ll show you how to find this Fortnite hill top with a circle of trees Location. I’ll start by giving you the coordinates for where to land on planet Polar Peak. 

Then, I’ll go step-by-step, showing the path you should take up the game’s volcano and over to Fortnite Hill Top with a circle of Trees Location.

Here’s the coordinates for where to land on planet Polar Peak:

X: -4102.4415 Y: -2875.9982 Z: -2523.9680

Use these coordinates to find a spot on Polar Peak where you land as a flying player. Land as a walking player, not flying and you’ll need to use different coordinates on the Google Maps, but you can use this tool if you want those too! 

You can also check out the video I uploaded so you can see exactly how I landed up here: By looking at the screen, you can see from my screen that I’m facing north, so use that as your compass while flying up here.

After landing on top of the volcano, here’s the coordinate for where to go once you get to the top:

X: -3084.0884 Y: -2380.4788 Z: -3082.4939

You’ll want to head into the caves that are marked on the image, and follow them around until you can see a very tall hill right in front of you. Looks like a Blacksmith Camp up there.

The coordinates for Fortnite Hill Top with a circle of Trees Location are here:

X: -3042.2799 Y: -2184.0234 Z: -3072.3797

I’ll give you a video to show exactly how to get there and where the chest is located. Thanks for watching! Can’t wait to show you more locations in Fortnite! 🙂 – Tom B.

Here are some points discussed about Fortnite-

1. Use a Solo Game.

Invite only your Friend(s) or Use a Duo game to get fast loot and experience in Fortnite.

2. Loot Spawn at the Starting Point of the Game.

The main reason is to gather all of the good loot and resources before other players reach that area. This helps you level up fast and get more XP.

3. Loot Spawn at the Center of the Map

This will give you a chance to get some loot from both sides. This makes it easier to get loot. Find the main starting point of the game. It’s best if you can find one that is close to a Loot Table or Resources for easy access.

4. Loot Spawn at the End of the Game

This will allow you to get loot from the center of the map. This makes it typically harder to respawn, but you can lessen your respawn time by using a glider.

5. Loot Spawn at Hidden Places

The secret locations that are not easy to find. It’s good if they’re not in up-close “easy” spots like a tree, rock or door. Find a place where other players might avoid going, like a left and right area where no one might go down in those directions. 

You can either find places where players won’t go because there’s nothing useful or for another reason like no loot nearby or distance from starting point, etc..

6. Loot Spawn at the Back of House

This will allow you to have a secondary source of loot. It’s good if it’s not close to the starting point, but is close to some other spots or resources that are nearby. 

Find a spot that has two or more loot spots or you can find a 1- spot for both sides. It helps your chances of getting some decent loot.

7. Loot Spawn in the Side of a building with windows down

It’s good if there’s no one near because sometimes you can get half decent loot from players spawning from a window down in houses instead of on roofs, etc..

8. Loot Spawn in the Forests

Find a spot that has trees, buildings and maybe a cave or two. It’s good if there is no one on the area you’re looking for, because sometimes you can get loot out of these spots.

9. Loot Spawn at a Campfire or Fire Pit

It’s good if it’s not close to the starting point because it is easier for other players to find this spot. It can be a long time before you get loot from them, but as you get further into the game and have more loot, this will help your chances of getting better loot.

10. Loot Spawn near the Bushes

It’s good if there’s no one in that area because this will increase your chances of getting loot. Sometimes you can find more loot by looking for a bush, hiding spot or fenced area. 

These spots can be good to get some loot from and avoid the risk of other players seeing you with it. 


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