HBO Max’s Perry Mason Season 2 Everything We Know So Far

Perry Mason Season 2

HBO Max’s critically acclaimed legal drama, Perry Mason, returns for its highly anticipated second season with a stellar cast, 


  • Perry Mason, the critically acclaimed legal drama on HBO Max, is set to return for a highly anticipated second season.
  • The show premiered in 2020 and is a reimagining of the classic Perry Mason character created by Earl Stanley Gardner.
  • The show is set in the 1930s and follows Mason as a private investigator who takes on cases dropped by the police.
  • The second season will continue exploring themes of corruption, justice, and morality with complex cases and unexpected twists.

In my head, I think I’d make a perfect spy, but in reality, I don’t think I’d fare very well.

Matthew Rhys

HBO Max’s critically acclaimed legal drama, Perry Mason, is all set to return for the much-awaited second season. The show, which premiered in 2020, is a reimagining of the classic Perry Mason character originally created by Earl Stanley Gardner. The first season was a hit among audiences and critics alike, earning accolades for its stunning cinematography, gripping story, and exceptional performances from its talented cast. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what fans can expect from the upcoming season of Perry Mason.

Which Actor/Actress Do We See In This Season? 

There are many important cast and characters for the upcoming second season of the legal drama series and here is the list of the cast-


  • Matthew Rhys as Perry Mason
  • Juliet Rylance as Della Street
  • Chris Chalk as Paul Drake
  • Shea Whigham as Pete Strickland
  • Tatiana Maslany as Sister Alice McKeegan
  • John Lithgow as Elias Birchard.


  • Gayle Rankin as Emily Dodson
  • Nate Corddry as Matthew Dodson
  • Verónica Falcón as Lupe Gibbs
  • Jefferson Mays as Virgil Sheets
  • Andrew Howard as Joe Ennis
  • Robert Patrick as Herman Baggerly
  • Stephen Root as Maynard Barnes.

Is There Any Trailer Available For Season 2?

HBO Max has yet to officially release a trailer for Perry Mason Season 2, but fans can expect more drops in the coming months. Meanwhile, fans can look forward to the February 2021 release teaser, which features Perry Mason walking through a crowded train station

What Is The Backstory Of This Show?

The new HBO Max series is a reimagining of the character set in the 1930s and explores the character’s origins. The show follows Mason, played by Matthew Rhys, as a private investigator who takes on cases dropped by the police. The first season saw Mason investigate a kidnapped child and a murder trial, which saw him come face to face with District Attorney Hamilton Burger, played by Stephen Root.

Perry Mason Season 2 is under production in Toronto, HBO Canada, and Atomic Fiction Inc. Collaborating to bring the series to life. The show is set to be directed by Rollin Jones, with Thomas L. Moran serving as executive producer.

When And Where Will This Season Be Released?

HBO Max has announced that Perry Mason Season 2 will premiere on March 06, 2023. The announcement has been met with excitement from the fans who have been eagerly waiting for the return of the show.

What Could Be The Story?

The first season of Perry Mason introduced viewers to the character Perry Mason, a private investigator and attorney handling a high-profile case in 1932 Los Angeles. Season 2 begins where the first season ended, with Mason continuing his work as a defense attorney.

The story of season 2 is still under wraps but it is expected to explore new themes and introduce new characters. It is also likely to continue the show’s themes of corruption, justice, and morality.

What Do Fans Expect From This Season 2?

HBO Max is keeping quiet about the upcoming season’s storyline, but fans can expect the series to continue the exploration of Perry Mason’s character and his journey to becoming a defense attorney. With complex cases and unexpected twists, the second season of the show is expected to be as gritty and thrilling as the first.


The most anticipated series of the year is here and can be seen in the coming fall. So make sure you don’t miss out on watching Perry Mason Season 2 when it airs on HBO because “Perry Mason” is an American legal drama series that premiered on March 06, 2023, on HBO. The series was created by Rollin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald and has been renewed for a second season in April 2021.


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