How to Fix pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25 Outlook Error 5 Easy Steps


If you still receive the Outlook error after trying all the above methods, you may consider reinstalling the office package. Just restart the application and try sending an email to check whether the error is occurring again or not. SMTP stands for ‘Simple Mail Transfer Protocol’. This is an electronic mail transmission used for communication. And sometimes the SMOT server changes on the internet. These changes might be conflicting and affect the email transmission which ultimately shows the error on Outlook.

Additionally, you need to check your account settings and scan the PST files. Once you scan your PST files, you might find some Outlook bugs, and you should delete these unwanted data from your computer. You need to uninstall the broken version of Microsoft Outlook and install the latest one to solve this problem. One of the most common reasons for Outlook email errors is that you have duplicate or multiple accounts.

Using multiple outlook accounts can also lead to cause the error. It’s replicated again and again again and interrupts the consumer. If you confront such errors, then there isn’t any need to worry about it because each problem has a solution. After completing the process, restart the Outlook and continue with your process. Then restart your device and launch the MS Outlook software.

If you are using windows 10, then you should try to use Microsoft office on windows 7 or windows 8. If all these steps do not solve the error issue, then one can contact the official Microsoft Office. If multiple accounts are running on windows simultaneously, it may lead to lowering down of speed and crashing of the site.

When this happens, there are no protections around the data as it crosses the internet. Now check to see whether the error still persists or not. This is all about the Outlook Pii error, follow the solutions given to solve the error completely. Once the corrupted PST file has been repaired, check whether you are still facing the issue or it has got resolved. Check whether the error has been resolved or if still facing the error, then you can also recover your cache files from the recycle bin of your system.

Follow all the on-screen instructions shown and most likely your error will get resolved. Corrupted cache – If the browser stored cache gets damaged or corrupted this start causing interference when running an application or the program. In this case, clearing the unwanted browser as well as the application cache may help you to fix the error. In case any of these options are not working you can try troubleshooting. This will surely detect the issue in the system.

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You will have the option of removing multiple accounts. Choose the accounts that you want to remove and click on the Remove Account button. Make sure that you take a backup here because all the data will be deleted while removing the account.