Is Petrol Price In Mumbai The Most High Thing Now?


Petrol prices in Mumbai are the most expensive now. Petrol prices are so high even that it’s not worth buying petrol bikes or any petrol vehicles. Petrol price in Mumbai today is 106.31 INR. This is the max price. Petrol prices are so high now that it’s not worth buying anything linked to it, such as a motorcycle or any other car.  However, they’re expected to go down this week and these weeks are very short so we need to act quickly if we want to buy fuel before the price increases again. The government must reduce the taxes on fuel and make it cheaper for people who can’t afford to buy new electric vehicles for now.

What is the reason behind this price hike? 

This increase in the petrol prices is due to the petrol shortage. There was a sharp hike in worldwide crude oil prices as well as the Brent Crude Oil price from June. The rise in crude oil prices greatly affected the Indian Oil Corporation and Bharat Petroleum Corporation and other state owned oil firms.

Is there any other way to reduce this hike?

The government should first use all its resources to improve the country’s infrastructure, save our environment and then use it efficiently to solve the fuel crisis that most of us are facing now. If we start now, we will be able to solve this problem by 2023, thus bringing down the prices of fuel even further than they are now. 

The government has announced a subsidy of Rs 2.5 per liter on petrol and diesel prices but it is expected to rise again. So we need to take immediate steps for the betterment of our country. Because the longer we wait, the costlier everything will become in the future and there is no guarantee that these subsidies will be continued in the next year too.

How does the Government plan to solve this problem?

The government has a lot on hand for us. For instance, it could allow old petrol cars to be scrapped. If a car is more than 10 years old, it would not have to pay the government a tax again when the owner buys it after retirement. This will not only reduce the number of new cars on roads but also help solve our petrol crisis in an efficient way. If we don’t do anything now, by 2023 there won’t be any new petrol cars on our roads anymore and we’ll be stuck with outdated and inefficiently working diesel cars until then. We don’t want that to happen now do we?

How to Read the Price of Petrol on The Pump

A higher number means that the petrol is more expensive than the preceding day. A lower number indicates that it’s going down. So if you notice that petrol prices went up from Rs 109 to Rs 110, it means we took a leap from one day’s price to the next and so we need to make sure that we don’t miss out on this week’s price hike.  Also, make sure you check the new price tag first before purchasing any fuel as some pumps have stopped displaying old prices in their old price metros and then just display new prices in their new metros.

What is the problem with electric vehicles?

A major problem with electric vehicles is that they are very expensive to run. They are also not very efficient. A lot of them have battery issues too, they either drain faster or do not hold much power in their battery up to the expected timelines. Some of them also get overheated very quickly if you don’t vary the speed at which you drive it or stop it abruptly. So basically, we can’t just buy a new car as it has no proper application for us right now. It would be a waste of our hard earned money.


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