Maltipoo Personality Traits- Why they Make the Perfect Family Dog

Family Dog

If there was a dog that could be described with the word ‘cute’, then Maltipoos would be the ones. A Maltipoo is a mix of the most popular amongst the small breeds, the Poodle and Maltese. These dogs are small, playful, and incredibly affectionate.

If you are considering getting a Maltipoo, then you’re making a great choice for your home. Here is a breakdown of the tremendous traits that make Maltipoo puppies the perfect family dog.

A Pleasant Temperament

Maltipoos are known for their pleasant temperament. They are generally lovers, affectionate, fun-loving, gentle, and happy. They are easily satisfied just by sitting on their human’s lap. They are as prepared to snuggle as they are to play fetch. It’s really a pleasant combination.

Maltipoos are pretty alert at all times and bark at anything suspicious. However, don’t expect to see any aggressive behaviors. They get along with anybody, provided they have been properly socialized.

The temperament of their human is as meaningful too. You’ll need to be patient with them. They are very intelligent but equally sensitive. Any aggressive tactics can cause them to shut down so try and use plenty of treats and positive reinforcement.

Maltipoos Enjoy Mingling

Due to their gentle personalities, Maltipoos will get along with nearly everyone, whether human or animal. They’ll do fine in a household with cats or other dogs, irrespective of whether you brought them up together or not. 

Maltipoos are excellent family dogs that do well around children as well. The main thing to look out for is to ensure supervision for smaller children. Leaving them with a Maltipoo is not recommended since the dog is tiny and fragile. A Maltipoo can get seriously injured if a child accidentally falls on them.

The best part is that as your child or children and the puppy grow and mature, they equally enjoy the time to bond over the hours of cuddling and ball-chasing.

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Maltipoo Puppies Love their Playtime

You’ll immediately notice that Maltipoos have very high energy levels. However, they only require a moderate daily amount of exercise. An indoor game of fetch or a short 15-minute walk will still keep them healthy and happy. Maltipoos are ever eager to play. Incorporating some fun into their training will make them very happy. 

Maltipoo Living Requirements

Maltipoos are small dogs and their size makes them perfect for apartment dwellers since they do not require huge backyards. They’ll also save you time cleaning up after them in a backyard. 

Their size also allows them to easily live in an apartment with a lift or stairs since you can pick them up.

Just make sure your home is dog-proofed, secure all poisons edibles, and remove any chewable furnishings to avoid expensive veterinarian trips and destruction. 

The Bottom Line

A dog is an essential and excellent addition to a family and naturally, you want to ensure that you have the perfect family dog. 

Maltipoos make a perfect companion for any size of the family. They are highly devoted to their owners and love to provide company for walks. They also extend that company on the couch. They are non-shedders to top it up, making them perfect apartment dwellers.


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