Shalimar Game Is So Famous, But Why?


Shalimar is not just a game, it is an experience. Shalimar Game is a free-to-play, computer puzzle game that became a smash hit in no time. You are placed on a map and it is your job to find the goals, collect gems and use other abilities to get around. Players progress through levels as they go, one at a time. The game takes place inside an Arabian Palace that you can explore and it uses beautiful 3D graphics to give you a sense of the setting. 

But unlike any other game, Shalimar offers a diversity of gameplay elements that makes it fun for everyone from fans of strategy games to those who just want to spend their day relaxing in virtual luxury.

The graphics give the game a realistic look along with the excellent sound effects. The game environment makes you feel as though you are telling a story. The soundtrack is also unique, it is composed of both vocal and instrumental music that fit with the theme of the game. 

This means the players will have an absolutely enjoyable experience with this fantastic game.

Shalimar offers a number of individual events and challenges that players can use to test their skills and strategy. In order to win these challenges, you must collect at least three jewels in each level to open up new rooms or portals to get ahead.

Exciting Gameplay

The reason why lots of gamers prefer to play the game is because it is very exciting and unique .You can enjoy a variety of different games at different levels. Moreover, the game will bring lots of fun for you!Not only does this make it an enjoyable playing experience but it also makes progress easier. The player has to just concentrate on finding the goal instead of wondering where to go next.

Beautiful Graphics And Soundtracks

The 3D graphics are attractive and eye-catching. The stunning effect and beautiful illustrations make you feel as though you are telling a story in a palace full of wonders.It is a very beautiful game that everyone is sure to love.

Great Level

The game offers over 10 levels, each with 10 missions . It has great Game Play and Fun. You can engage in the game with your visitor and make them play it too. They will be happy when they see the beautiful graphics in the game. The music is also very nice and brings a lot of pleasure to the player’s mind as soon as he starts playing this game.

Different Levels

The journey starts from a simple game of finding a gem at one level to collect some jewels on another level. The different levels are interesting and will keep the player interested for a long time. It is very enjoyable when you start playing this game because there are many things to think about and do, so you will have fun doing it.

Fun Challenges And Different Puzzles To Solve

Shalimar Game has various levels that players can enjoy for hours. Each level has various challenges and puzzles to solve by using your intelligence and skill to complete the tasks set for you. The player can have fun with the different tasks and challenges of the game.

Great Storyline

The storyline is very interesting for players. It is not like an ordinary game; it has a story line that makes it more fun and allows the player to play it longer with the mission of helping the King to find jewels. It comes alive as soon as you start playing it and makes you want to keep playing all day long.

 The atmosphere is really good because you can feel like you are experiencing a true Arabian story where there are lots of adventures, quite entertaining too and excitingly presented through 3D graphics, music and storyline with voice-overs so you can hear all the details of your adventure clearly while playing this fantastic game.


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