Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Kota Mandi


Kota Mandi is a market in Kota, Rajasthan, India. It is mainly famous for the ‘madly markets’ that are open in the evening. The Grand Bazaar has been a part of Kota since 1797 when it was established by Burke Street Irregulars and was known as City Market. The market is also one of the largest in eastern Rajasthan and has more than 1,000 shops selling goods from all over India and beyond. Kota Mandi carries a variety of items, but it is better known for its gold jewelry, textiles, antiques, silverware and many other forms of handicrafts.

Try To Visit Evening

The markets are open for almost every day of the week, especially on Saturday and Sunday. The best time to visit the market is in the evening when the sun has dipped below the horizon. It is a heavenly experience to witness how it transforms from a mundane to magical place in no time.

Plan In Advance

The Kota Mandi Grand Bazaar has about 3000 shops, so if you don’t have a plan to reach your shop of interest then you may never find it. Have an idea that what kind of item are you looking for and make sure you move around with a purpose.

Be Ready For Haggling

The market is filled with a variety of sellers and buyers, so the main activity you do here is bargaining. You can bargain almost anything here such as clothes, jewelry, electronics etc., so don’t expect a low price tag always. But, if you are a true shopper then this is a great experience for you.

Take Your Time

As mentioned above, the items here are priced reasonably so no need to rush while shopping here. If possible stay on the market till closing time to get maximum experience and offers. Sometimes it is good to take your own time as you are most likely going to find what you really want at a bargaining price too.

Money Works! But Not Always!

The Kota Mandi Grand Bazaar is filled with many shopkeepers who accept only cash payment but there will be some who accept cards too for their products, so make sure you check that before buying anything from them. If you are not in a hurry then you can also bargain with them to get the best deal as well.

Avoid Street Vendors

It is a good idea to avoid street vendors as they can sell anything and everything here, so again check the shopkeepers which accept cards before buying from them. The jewelry and silverware shops especially accept cards and there are some shops too which will give discounts on credit card payments if you have time and patience to wait for a while.


Handicraft is a part of the Kota Market and you will find all kinds of items made by the artisans here. The gold ornaments and silver jewelry here is of excellent quality. You can also find handicraft items like watercolors, paintings and kilims, wooden textiles (bags) etc., at this place.

Shopping on Phone

The market has its own App which helps you locate the shop or vendors in Kota Mandi Grand Bazaar with ease. You can search with your phone number or any keyword that are relevant to your shopping purpose. This helps you to save time and energy while finding the right product!

Visit The Places Around

Apart from the Kota Mandi Grand Bazaar there are many places to visit in Kota that will make your trip more memorable. You can visit the museums, forts and temples of Kota to know about the great historical significance of this city. You can also visit Keekarwara Lake and Giri River around Kota to experience a laid back day with friends and family. There are also many shopping malls nearby, so if you wish to shop as per your own style and choice then you can choose any one of them. Just avoid the fake and cheap stuff at all costs!


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