Telehandlers 101: Common Jobs and Use Cases


Without a doubt, a telehandler, a heavy-duty hybrid of a forklift and crane, is a unique piece of equipment that can save you time and money. 

The equipment easily transitions from a finished tool in a warehouse to a piece of ground-breaking equipment in a construction site due to its versatile nature. Its power to scoop, lift, push, and remove is more instrumental than any other piece of equipment. 

 If you are looking for used telehandlers for sale capable of serving your project needs efficiently, boosting productivity, and guaranteeing safety, their versatility will boost your morale. Here are just a few of many of its uses.  

Moving Heavy Loads

Telehandlers are primarily used for carrying heavy loads from a warehouse, a transport vehicle, or a construction site. These equipment have a maximum lift capacity of between 4,400 to 12,00 lbs. The maximum weight restriction of each telehandler is determined by factors such as boom extension, wind speed, angle, and type of attachment. However, telehandlers should be handled with care, especially when they reach maximum reach. 

Snow Removal

Used telehandlers for sale also serve diligently in any season, including winter, as they are used for snow removal. With their ability to sit very low to the ground, maneuverability, bucket, pull and plow attachments that come in different sizes, they are ideal for snow plowing in parking lots, roads, and playgrounds. 

Infrastructure Repair   

Due to their ability to sit in an elevated position, telehandlers safely and optimally position personnel to high heights both indoors and outdoors. With a typical work platform attached to the boom, a telehandler can hold up to 1000 pounds at high heights. The work platform has non-slip floors and handrails to maximize safety and reduce injury risks. So, when repairs and maintenance are needed in tall buildings, street lights, and power lines, or when painting or cleaning buildings, a telehandler becomes the right equipment for the job. 

Waste Removal and Recycling

Telehandlers are equipped with a broad chassis, tyred wheels, and wide pneumatics, making them ideal for industrial work such as a waste management plant. They have excellent stability, making them suitable for safely lifting large quantities of waste and accessing rough terrains. Used telehandlers for sale are also ideal for handling hazardous wastes due to their enclosed cabs and extended reach. These features also come a long way in offering the operator adequate protection. Their extensive attachments also allow them to handle any waste, and changing from one attachment to another is easy and fast.  


Telehandlers are also used for digging, although it’s a commonly ignored ability. Due to its toothed bucket attachment, operators quickly transform the telehandler into a digging arm. With the boom’s three hydraulic functions, the bucket attachment conveniently extends and tilts down and back up, quickly penetrating the earth. 

ConclusionTelehandlers are versatile equipment available in different sizes to cater to different needs. From waste management, digging, snow removal, and infrastructure repair, to heavy load transportation, a telehandler has its place as one-of-a-kind equipment. 


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