The Frightening Effects of Peluchin Entertainment


Peluchin Entertainment is the Instagram account of a kid who abuses cats and animals on social media. He posts videos of himself torturing and killing cats, abusing them with water, microwaves, or scratching them with dish detergent. Peluchin’s goal is to promote brutality against animals to an impressionable audience. Many people are wondering “Why does this animal abuse Instagram account exist?” The truth is: Peluchin Entertainment videos are a viral sensation that has gone viral.

A cat’s hairs make them vulnerable to burns and infections caused by microwaves. A cat’s fur can absorb the microwaves, causing hair loss or burns. In one video, the cat is submerged in water for an extended period of time after the microwave was used on it. In another video, a dishwasher is used on live cats until their fur falls out and their skin becomes raw from its blisters. The poor cats are then forced to dry off with a towel while they whimper helplessly in pain.

In Peluchin’s other cruelty videos, an ice cube is used to freeze a kitten’s tail by rubbing it on the ground until it is a solid block of ice. Afterwards, he kicks the defenseless cat across several rooms. Another video displays Peluchin holding a live kitten upside down as he pours water into its mouth or nose. The loud screaming and gurgling noises come from the kitty as it struggles to breathe. The kitten struggles to breathe and convulses as it drowns in the water.

Why does he do that? For fun? For fame?

According to Peluchin Entertainment’s user description, “This is not entertainment” followed by “this is real life” and an image of a cat with the “Humane Society” logo.

A representation of Peluchin P.E’s Instagram account name

He claims that this isn’t entertainment or any other “fake” type of shenanigans. It’s real life cruelty that is surely beyond entertainment value, especially for young kids who may stumble across it in their social media feeds. He further explains his actions as a push for animal welfare: ensuring the safety and care of pets as well as reducing the number of homeless animals killed in shelters every day. Peluchin’s cruel feeding of cats and other animals are supposed to be a call for change in animal welfare practices.

In reality, his cruel acts of animal torment have caused high levels of distress and fear among the animals, especially cats. In some cases, the cats were left with injuries and even died due to the abuse. Peluchin is an Instagram user who refuses to stop torturing animals or even simply sparing them from being tortured or trapped in cramped spaces. As his actions went viral on social media, more people began to criticize him and go after him for his cruelty. He even has people threatening him for this behavior, calling him out for how badly he abused those poor defenseless animals. However, the biggest critics are parents and other animal guardians who have been affected by the actions of Peluchin Entertainment.

It’s rather ironic that although he claims that this isn’t entertainment, but in fact real life cruelty, this is how his cruel torture sessions are being consumed by many viewers as a form of entertainment. He’s gotten what he wanted: people dying from fear and fear of a certain type of animal abuse. The acts themselves are becoming more cruel and painful to watch instead of just watching the cat being tortured for entertainment value.

He allegedly changed his Instagram name to “Pelelee Entertainment” in order to avoid any backlash or panic from the internet community. However, the name change only proved that he was in fact enjoying all the attention he was receiving for this new outlandish act of cruelty.

So why does Peluchin Entertainment exist? Well, like most kids who abuse animals and animals being tortured, this kid has one major problem: social media addiction. He apparently posts his videos to show how he’s abusing animals out of pure enjoyment with no remorse. It seems more like licking his own wounds rather than trying to get others to help him reduce animal suffering. If this kid is someone trying to promote kindness and reduce animal suffering, why is he doing such a thing?

Peluchin Entertainment chooses to post videos of torture either because he enjoys viewing them or because he likes getting attention from others with his sick acts. When one enjoys the influence it gets from them, it becomes addictive and can cause real life issues. Peluchin acts out the animal cruelty towards cats on Twitter.

One of the major problems that drives abusers to abusing animals is a lack of empathy. A major cause of social media addiction is a lack of empathy towards others and an absence in communicating with others through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more. This can cause users to post posts that they don’t actually believe in, which is exactly what’s going on with this kid.

Peluchin Entertainment is not a good person and should be stricken from our social media environment as soon as possible. He’s abused animals and animal cruelty is something that should not be entertained or consumed by others. Peluchin Entertainment also promotes an unhealthy lifestyle for himself, not just animals. It’s dangerous for young people if they see this sort of cruelty being put out there for them to view and take in on a daily basis.

This kind of animal abuse has the worst effect of all on those individuals who are involved in the abuse: the animal itself.


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